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Shaving Brush Guide

Shaving Brush Guide

Pure Badger Hair

Pure badger is the term used to describe badger hair brushes using the most common hair from the underbelly of a badger. Pure badger hair is usually dark in colour, but fluctuates from a light tan to a near-black or silvery sheen. The hair is coarser than 'super' or 'silvertip' hair due to its larger shaft. Most often, pure badger brush hairs are trimmed to shape, resulting in somewhat stiff, rough ends.

Pure Badger Hair Brushes

Best Badger Hair

This is an excellent quality of pure badger hair. It is normally regarded as the benchmark standard of shaving brush manufacturers. The hair is harvested from the majority of the pelt, including the belly. It is generally darker in colour, although the colours of the individual hairs vary from grey and brown to black. This quality creates lather far superior to that resulting from the use of a bristle brush.

Best Badger Hair Brushes

Super Badger Hair

This is the finer hair from the back of the badger. It is longer and softer than 'best' badger and, because it is finer, requires more hairs to fill a brush. This high quality grade of badger hair is only used in hand filled brushes. Visually, the badger bundle displays a distinctive black band capped with pure white tips and is presented in a natural fan shape, using the natural hair ends to create the shape and softness.

Super Badger Hair Brushes

Silvertip Badger Hair

This is the highest quality of all. The finely graded and sorted pure badger hair is the softest, rarest and most expensive badger hair; with natural untrimmed silver tips, it is the highest quality available in shaving brushes worldwide. The pure colouring of this hair is enhanced by careful hand grading and filling. The shape of the silvertip filled brushes is created by hand. The long hair from the neck of the animal is ultra soft, flexible and will provide years of luxurious shaving.

Silvertip Badger Hair Brushes

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic shave brushes, made most often with bristles of nylon, were developed specifically for wet shaving. In terms of colour and softness, they are similar to natural badger hair and provide performance properties of comparably high quality. Synthetic shaving brushes are often referred to as cruelty-free, as they contain no animal hair.

Synthetic Hair Brushes