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DE Safety Razor Guide

If you are making the switch from a cartridge or an electric razor, or if you’re just starting your shaving journey, choosing the right safety razor for you can seem somewhat daunting. Here we explain the different types of safety razor available.

Closed Comb Safety Razors

The most popular safety razor head, this is good for both novices and the more experienced user, and is suited for regular use. The closed comb — or safety bar — provides protection against nicks by keeping the skin tight using the bar. This gives you a smoother, flatter surface for shaving.

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Open Comb Safety Razors

Often regarded as giving a more 'aggressive' shave, an open comb razor is more suited to those with heavier beard growth. The teeth help to guide and position the beard hair so the blade can cut them more effectively without clogging like razor. The teeth also permit extra lather to enter the cutting area to lubricate.

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Adjustable Safety Razors

Adjustable safety razors (the majority of safety razors on the market are non-adjustable) allow you to adjust the distance between the blade edge and the safety bar. The larger the gap the more hair the razor can cut, resulting in a closer shave using fewer passes. However, the increased gap can also make the razor much more aggressive, due to the extra amount of your skin and beard that is exposed to the blade. This can cause shaving irritation and razor burn.

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